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Dressage to Music

BRC Dressage to Music Championship 2018BRC Dressage to Music Championship 2018

Dressage to music is something anyone can take part in, no matter what level they are working at or just to make schooling sessions more enjoyable.
Riding to a regular beat can help maintain a rhythm, help the horse and rider relax and enjoy the music, whilst enhancing performance. 
First steps to a dressage to music performance would be to find your horses tempo.
A general average may be 
Walk    50-65 bpm
Trot      75-90 bpm
Canter 95-110 bpm 
To find your individual tempo, you can use a metronome. 
These can be obtained via the app stores for your various smart phones
Secondly choose a theme or tracks that suit you and your horse. 
It is important that you really like the music as it is best to learn this thoroughly, not only for best performance, but incase things don't go quite to plan and you have to quickly improvise.
Create a floor plan based on the level you are riding at and consider the mandatory movements to fit if you are competing in a freestyle test.
Also check the mandatory timings of your freestyle test as being over or below this will result in penalty marks being deducted.
Once you have chosen your music, created your floor plan and are happy with your timings, then it's time to turn this into reality.
This is where I can offer you professionally edited music. 
I have 30+ years in the music industry and am musical director for many top recording artists. 
Your music will edited to completion and ready to use for schooling or competition, taking the pressure away from you. 
I will forward you the edited sections for your approval, before full payment is made.
Once payment is received, I will release the completed music in the format of your choice which can be WAV, MP3,  AIFF or M4a. Personally, I would suggest to upload WAV files as they are full audio bandwidth and can be burned to CD or USB stick for your test.
Remember, if you are riding under British Dressage  rules, you must be registered and have the PPL authorisation forms filled and sent off to BD before you compete. They will in turn send you stickers to fill in and display on your music CD before your test. 
Links to these forms are attached below.
Please contact me to discuss your further requirements

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